Blonde Glasses-wearing maid


Uniform: Indigo
Hair: Yellow
Eyes: Metallic
Maid Types: Heroic, Cool
Qualities: Neat Freak, Glasses
Weapon: Revolver

Minuette appears to be 17 years old, and has metallic eyes, long blonde hair, and wears an indigo maid uniform. She heroic and cool; others describe her as indominable, expressionless and doll-like.

She is obsessed with cleanliness, and can’t let the tiniest bit of dirt go unnoticed. She wears glasses; she can’t use contact lenses, but at least they compliment her maid uniform.


Minuette has been employed by the Leyden family for many years, and has served under Young Master Elliot since before he moved to Castle Woodrow. She is quiet and reserved, and no one knows much about her, save for Elliot.

Despite being attractive and personable, she never seems to be particularly interested in romance, and in fact will often try to shy away from anyone who seems to have romantic affections for her.


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