Castle Woodrow

Castle Woodrow is a three story building that has been in the Leyden family for generations. The family owns residences all over the globe, but due to business reasons, this house has been given to their youngest son, Elliot, and he was given free reign if its management.

The house has many amenities, including a library, a luxurious master bed and bath, an elegant and spacious sunroom, and its own mini clinic. It even houses a private garden.

Adorned with fine decor, Castle Woodrow’s interior follows a silver toned color scheme, with plenty of modern looking chrome plating and lots of shiny surfaces. It’s too bad that fingerprints show up easily on everything!

Currently residing in the household are:

Elliot Leyden: Child prodigy and technological genius. Despite his young age he is the master of this household and lives apart from his parents.

Minuette: A maid under the Leyden family’s employ that has traveled with Elliot to his new home.

Alabaster: Resident maid who has lived at Woodrow for years, alone.

May Leyden
Sarah Marie Chalon-Artois

Castle Woodrow

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