Demonic neat freak


This maid’s long, limp, pale white hair falls just below her shoulders, and her pink eyes have a pained squint in bright lights. Her uniform consists of a standard white hairband and black blouse, with a modified, white apron to fit the length of her black mini-skirt. Her apron features a small, metallic skull on the center of the waist, and skull patern is embroidered in white on her hairband. She stands at 5’10", but is very thin, looking like she weighs only 120lbs. Appropriate with her weight, Nex has an A cup.


Nex has been a demon for a long, long time. In recent history she fought in the great Juggaloo rebellion that began in 2101. Using the body of a European princess cough Feid cough who was going to die from an assassination attempt on her, Nex killed dozens, and all know too well of the purple haze that affected both sides. After the last of the Juggaloo terrorist activity died out, those charged with countering their terrorism were put out of a job, and Nex left her host body for another, one that needed a good demon possession to get her out of her hospital bed. Of course, Nex then acquired the girl’s considerable medical debts, which destroyed all of her savings and still had more to go. After reuniting with Feid, Nex sought gainful employment as a maid. Little did she know that Feid already knew the master, and had been steering them to that job the entire time…


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