May Leyden

Blind Zombie in bondage gear


Uniform Color: blue
Hair Color: blue
Eye Color: sky
Maid Types: Boyish, Boyish
Special Qualities: Pyromaniac, Blind, Zombie, Bondage, Large Ribbon
Maid Roots: Illegitimate Child

May’s age is unknown, but she looks about 14 years old. However, due to her advanced state of decay, she most likely has been a zombie for several years. She has cloudy sky blue eyes and blue hair, and wears a blue uniform. She is very boyish; others describe her as vigorous, energetic and a tomboy. She’s more than a little bit crude and rude.

She is a pyromaniac, and loves setting fires… possibly even to the mansion.

Though she used to be very pretty, her grayed and wrinkled skin and numerous unhealed wounds have marred the beauty she had in life. However, she has the nifty ability to reattach severed parts, as long as said part is not her head.


May is the bastard child of one of Elliot’s aunts. While still related to the Leyden family, she has very little standing and is unlikely to inherit anything. Her parents swung things so she could work for her cousin in peace and privacy and still have a nice life, since aristocrats being zombies is generally considered to be bad taste these days.

May Leyden

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