Electric Harmony

Welcome home, master!
The first day on the job for our heroines

A successful job hunt leads to four maids landing a nice job at a rich house. Nex, Feid, Sarah Marie, and May are the newest hires of the prolific Leyden family.

After being picked up by their coworker, Alabaster, they are taken to Castle Woodrow, a mansion hidden in the middle of the cyber woods. They were met with what they thought was a run down maintenance shack, however, Alabaster insisted that it was where the mansion was located.


They soon realized that Alabaster, or Allie for short, had locked herself, and her coworkers, out of their home. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Young master Elliot and his personal maid Minuette.

After a suggestion from May, the Young Master declares that there should be a contest to determine who shall be head maid. After unpacking, the contest begins that evening at dinner. Of course, May screws up badly enough that she ends up adding her own fingers as an ingredient to her salad. While all the dishes prepared were acceptable, Minuette makes the best dish by far, with Fade’s amazing Baked Alaska desert falling short with Elliot due to its sweetness, something he’s not fond of. At least May got to set the thing on fire.

While Allie does chores and May attempts to learn her way around the mansion, Sarah, Minuette, Fade, and Master Elliot head to the game room to play a few rounds in Mario Party Multiverse, with Minuette winning and the rest of them feeling frustrated because you don’t play Mario Party when you want to strengthen relationships.


Disheartened, everyone heads to bed for the evening. Overall, it wasn’t bad for a first day on the job!


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